From main to meter, Das-Co of Idaho performs all aspects of natural gas distribution work. The department is comprised of long-term and highly competent personnel with multiple composite crews. The services provided for utility companies include the installation of gas distribution mains, service lines, and regulator stations. Our primary customers for this department are Intermountain Gas Company and Cascade Natural Gas. All distribution construction services are self-performed by experienced personnel and specialized equipment.

Transmission Pipelines

Das-Co of Idaho performs all aspects of mainline construction including installation, relocation, replacement, or reconditioning. Our pipeline personnel have completed pipeline projects for Utility Owners in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Our experience includes street work in congested urban areas, agricultural properties, rough mountainous terrain, wetlands, and high deserts.

The Dasco Way

Das-Co of Idaho’s Natural Gas Department has extensive experience with a variety of construction application methods for pipelines, from direct burial to directional drilling. We are adept at compliance with Department of Transportation regulations specific to our industry and other regulatory agencies involved in all aspects of pipeline construction.